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LED Light in Japan Lighting Exhibition

The 3rd LED/OLED Lighting Expo was held in Japan on 16th January 2013. Meanwhile, the terminal price of LED light trend to reduce in U.S. LED light remains the leader in the lighting field since its price reduces close to the traditional CFL lamps.

LED light in Japan

Many famous LED light manufacturers hold a positive idea of Japanese lighting market. Steven, a manager of LED lighting department in AGICO presented that lighting market in Japan is indicative in the world with its high permeability. Its LED exportation to Japan will remain its continuous rising trend in the following years. So as to meet the specific requirement of luminance, luminous efficiency and light uniformity in Japan, AGICO exports a new generation high-brightness LED tube lights, and ceiling lights. With a relatively strong energy saving realization, Japanese have a good acknowledge of LED light and a strong desire to purchase.

In U.S. the terminal price of LED light keeps its continuous decrease trend, and nearly close to the price of traditional light. High price barrier of LED light has been conquered. Since 2012, the application in commercial lighting, large-scale market hall, hotels and stores has accelerated the market demanding of LED. Meanwhile, Lighting design association regulates its requirements of 4 foot led tube light also stimulated the rising of LED lighting market. It is predicted that U.S. will be another main market of light emitting diodes after Japan.

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