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Voice Sensor LED bulbs

  • Name: GC-121-3W LED Sensor Bulb
  • Rated Power: 3w
  • PF: 0.65
  • CRI: 75
  • Luminance: 270~350Lm
  • Sensor Distance: diameter 5m~7m
  • Sensor Angle: 360°
  • Lighting Time: 1min
  • Sensitivity: 20lux bulb will turn on

Sensor Type voice sensor
Cover ABS/PC
Operation Voltage(v) 110/220
Color Temperature(k) 6000/3000
Weight(kg/pc) 0.09
Life Span(H) 20000
Operating Temperature -20~ +45
Dimension(mm) 58* 86

What is the working principle of voice sensor LED bulbs?

Within the effective sensing range, if there is any sound, like shouting, clapping or striking, it will lighten automatically and will go out after the effective sound has ended for one to two minutes. On the working principle aspect, the voice sensor LED bulbs can be classified as night type ( it will lighten only in the dim environment) and day and night type( it can lighten automatically whether it's day or night). On the light structure, there are the fission type and integration type whose sensor and source are together. On its shape or the installation method, there are bulbs, tubes, ceiling lamps and so on.

The Application

Voice sensor LED bulbs have many outstanding advantages such as long service life of the switches, high luminous efficiency, easy controlling and light weight. Besides, it avoids many disadvantages. It won't contribute to lumens depreciation because of continuous high temperature. The low color rendering isn't problem at all. The energy saving benefits can quickly recycle the early high input. Long life span saves a large quantity of human labor. The automatic switches really bring great convenience to people.

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