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6w LED Light Sensor Bulb

  • Name: GC-111-6W LED Sensor Bulb
  • Rated Power: 6W
  • PF: 0.75
  • CRI: 75
  • Luminance: 550~580Lm
  • Sensor Distance: diameter 5m~7m
  • Sensor Angle: 360°
  • Lighting Time: 1min
  • Sensitivity: 20lux bulb will turn on

Sensor Type light sensor
Cover aluminium PC
Operation Voltage(v) 100~240
Color Temperature 6000K/3000K
Weight(kg/pc) 0.19
Life Span(h) 20000
Operating Temperature -20~+45
Dimension(mm) 60* 120

This new series of 6w LED light sensor bulb has a nice and elliptical shape which is convenient to dissipate heat. It's very sensitive to light and human movement. It can automatically recognize the day and night so that it can automatically work at night and turn off in the daytime. It can turn on with the movement of human beings and turn off with the leaving of man. It adopts infrared pyroelectric sensor and integrated circuit chips which give it a stable and reliable performance. When man enter into the detection range and trigger the action of our 6w LED light sensor bulb, the infrared sensor will lit the lamp. When man leave its detection range, the light will automatically turn off.

In addition, this kind of 6w LED light sensor bulb has a wide application in many places such as corridor, washing room, storeroom, balcony, hallway, etc. It's very suitable for children and senior people. If you are far away from your parents, you can buy several lights for them, then it will bring great convenience to their daily life.

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