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5050 Point Control Module

  • Name: GC-F5030S50506T-6803 LED Module
  • LED Chip Style: SMD5050
  • Power: 1.44W
  • Input Voltage: DC24V
  • Color: RGB
  • Color Temperature: 3000k-10000k
  • LED Q'ty : 6/pcs
  • Size: 50*30*10.5
  • Protection Class: IP67

Each GC-F7514 5050 Point Control Module light has 20 modules, between the module and the module train ties are connected by 4P dress rehearsal, line. The color comes with red, yellow, green, blue (Red: DC12V, Yellow: GND/-DC12V, Green: DAT signal wire, Bule: clock CLK signal wire). The head of each string light with male tie-in is IN signal. The candle of each string light with female tie-in is OUT signal. The circuitry panel of module has two ports, the port signing IN letter and with a black diode is the input port of signal wire. The port with OUT letter is the output port for the signal wire. 5050 Point Control Module is envirionmental-friendly, low-carbon, energy-saving, no pollution, safe and reliable, suitable for nooks and narrow places. The Smart Multi-color LED Module is more brightness, long lifespan. The 5050 Point Control Module can last up to 35000 hours.

Our products have been well-received in markets worldwide. Smart multi-color LED module is now popular in our daily life. This achievement is partly thanks to our stringent QC measures-we conduct 24-hour aging tests and two rounds of inspections and evaluations.

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