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3528 LED Light Module

  • Name: GC-F3232S3528W4T LED Module
  • LED Chip Style: SMD3528
  • Power: 0.48W
  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Color: R/G/B/W/M
  • Color Temperature: 3000k-10000k
  • LED Q'ty : 4/pcs
  • Size: 45*36*5
  • Protection Class: IP67

LED Light Module, use super brightness 3528 LED Light Module as light source. This LED Lighting Module comes with very competitive price. RGB LED module is solid-state, high shock/vibration resistant. The high performance heat dissipation epoxy resin glue casting is adopted to reach whole-closed water proof purpose. The high tensile ABS base and PVC line are used for production and epoxy resin glue casting adopted, which can be effectively dust-proof and water-proof to adapt to harsh outdoor environments. 12V low voltage DC power supply adopted and mounting holes at both ends of the base, which is simple and safe for operation. 3pcs SMD 3528 water-proof series LED module is a low temperature light source, no heat or hot phenomenon even if a long-term use. The light weight design allows a more flexible choice of auxiliary material collocation and more extensive applications.

Shape and size are variable factors but color of light is another important factor that many people ponder upon before buying. LEDs are also available in Red, Green and Blue colors. These are three primary colors and they can be mixed in variable intensities to create other different colors as well. Owing to different colors of LEDs one can find various LED Modules which either emit monochromatic light or can emit a mixture of different colors at different times. One can also find modules in which the LEDs of different colors are fixed forming design patterns. There are modules which flash as well. Such colorful and flashing variants are mostly prefer by different businesses such as clubs and marriage halls.


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