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Working Under the LED Lights

LED lights cost more upfront than fluorescent tubes. The cost of ballast needs to be figured into the cost of fluorescent tubes. Recurring high maintenance costs and electricity charges add to the misery and ensure that fluorescent tubes cost more than LED lights tubes.

Studies have shown that children working under fluorescent lights in schools had 15 % lower learning rates and achievement scores on standard tests. Students demonstrated fatigue, hyperactivity and attention deficit under fluorescent lighting. This has important implications not just for schools but for business too.

Even at the lower end of LED lights, a 10 % drop in employee productivity should be an area of serious concern for any business. Adequate flicker free light has been shows to increase productivity by a few percentage points. This increased employee productivity is adequate to pay for the investment in LED lights technology.

Proper grounding and comprehensive safety precautions are necessary when dealing with fluorescent tubes. High voltages make it difficult to service fluorescent tube holders. If your office has several tubes controlled by a single switch, it may not be possible to cut the current to the fluorescent tube when it is serviced. LED lights on the other hand use voltages that are far more benign. LED lights on the other hand are not affected by a drop in temperature and are routinely used by retail stores.

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