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Whether LED Lighting Fixtures Flicker?

Generally speaking, LED lighting fixtures do flicker but it is usually at such a fast pace that it cannot be detected. Unlike the conventional fluorescent lighting that must be heated up before reaching their full lighting capacity, LED lighting fixtures turn on through an electrical current that flows to semi-conductors. The effect is instantaneous light without the need to warm up, or flicker, when turned on. However, LED lighting fixtures are made specifically to add flickering effects for aesthetic reasons, such as in holiday lights.

There are many advances in the technology of LED lighting fixtures. The extremely early LED lighting fixtures were not as stable, and therefore did tend to have an issue with flickering. With the advent of new LED lighting fixtures technology as a result of the desire to have a safer and more user friendly form of lighting to replace the incandescent and mercury containing CFL bulbs, many changes have been made.

LED lighting fixtures are now constructed with filters that help even out the amount of electrical current that are being generated to them. The effect is a flicker that is so steady and so fast that it cannot be detected with the naked eye. Before being installed, LED lighting fixtures were known to flicker a little bit with each fluctuation of electric current they received. Today LED lighting fixtures are just as trustworthy as any other form of light bulb, and are far better for the environment.

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