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What Should You Know Before Buying LED Light Bulbs


Recently, Sales of led light bulbs have increased quite drastically, no longer used for businesses, but also for residences . So when spend money to buy this popular led light bulbs, it is necessary for you to know some information about it before buying . The following tips are for reference:

(1) Wattage: This is exactly let you know how much power is needed in order to know the bulb to create light. So needless to say a 40 watt bulb will actually consume a lot of power in order to emit an effective amount of light. However when it comes to an LED bulb,it usually uses 5-7 watts of power to create exactly the same amounts of light. So  you will see this type bulb will reduce family burden.

(2)Lumens: This word can be used to describe the level of brightness that the bulb emits. Therefore the more lumens, the light emitted by the bulb will be much brighter.  Although an LED bulb uses less power than conventional bulbs, but its construction causes a much brighter and whiter light in comparison to conventional bulbs.

(3) Lighting Beam Angle: With regard to selecting the suitable LED lighting for your home, the first you need to consider is how it is going to be used and the place you intend to install. For example if you plan to make use of such lighting in your bathroom for mirrors then select the type of bulb that will provide a focused beam of light. However if you are planning to make use of bulb to light up an area where prepare for reading or working then a bulb having a wider cone of light is a good choice. Although the area of lighting will be considerably more in terms of the LED bulb unlike other forms of bulbs it directs the light exactly where it is required.

(4) Fittings: Before you install any type of LED bulb, you have to identify what sort of connection you've got. Is the connection for 100-240 volts or perhaps is it for 12 volts as this may have an effect on the type of connection the bulb .under certain condition, you may need to work with a bulb that is included with a fairly chunky connection or perhaps in other cases it may be a significantly thinner and smaller one. The best to discover the connection is to look for where is on the bulbs currently installed.
Actually, if you really don't know how to choose it, the best way is you can buy it according to the sales’ instruction and suggestion.

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