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What Should Costumers Concern?

As a new kind of products, the LED strip has not been totally understood by our costumers. Thus during the purchasing process, what should costumers concern has become the most essential question. Following are some points that costumers should consider:

1. The LED strip of different specifications and colors may have different parameters. Costumers should inquire parameters in the first place to make sure whether you want this product or not. Generally speaking, basic parameters are:

1) Color temperature:

Warm color temperature (under 3300K): the light inclines to be red and provides people with warm and sober feelings.
Neutral color temperature (3300-6000K). People do not have any obvious visual or mental feelings.
Cold color temperature (more than 6000K): the light inclines to be blue and provides people with cool feelings.

2) Brightness: the LED strip of different colors may have different luminous intensity. The LED strip of higher brightness is more expensive, because the LED chip is more expensive.

3) The number of LEDs: the LED strip of different specifications has different numbers of LEDs, and the price is also different.

4) The LED chip: experienced customers often define the quality of the LED strip based on the supplier of the LED chip which is the most important factor to determine the price.

5) The intervals between LEDs: Customers should choose suitable intervals based on specific demands.

2. The lifespan: the lifespan of the LED strip is 80,000-100,000 hours. However, as it is a constant current driving device, different manufacturers may produce LEDs with different effects, and the lifespan will also be different.

3. The package: different manufacturers adopt different packaging methods: 5m a reel, 10m a reel, and 50m a real. Our company adopts standard packaging standard, which includes antistatic bag and cardboard box as packaging materials.

4. The price: after above procedures, the final point will be the price of the LED strip. Purchasing a product of the highest cost performance is the aim of every customer.

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