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Plug-and-Play LED Strips

When many retails and wholesales buy LED strips, you have to consider other equipment, such as power supply, connectors, and controllers, etc. They are the whole sets and necessary. So in order to supply better service and easy usage, we recommend our one set Plug and Play LED strips, you don’t worry how to connect and welding wire, and where to buy other accessories, I enclose one picture as a reference.

LED strips are in blister package. One set is single color plug-and play LED strips, another one is RGB LED strip, which are in one package. It is very convenient for retails and usage, and the performance is more beautiful. Because many buyers for house installment, they don’t have the knowledge about how to connect it and choose suitable the power supply. If we supply this new style, it will solve many problems during installment and buy other accessories.

Furthermore, we have welded the connected needle at one end of RGB LED strips; you can connect LED strips with the controllers, so you also don’t worry about how to weld the wire between the controllers and LED strips. Because many clients, especially family user, they don’t have the welding tool. I believe you will be very happy for this plug and play led strips. They help you make everything easily.  I will introduce more information about the order this products, including cost and usage, and different customize service.

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