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The RGB LED Strip for Mood Lighting

With the continuous development of the living standard, people have higher requirements about the living environment. For lighting fixtures, people are no longer just satisfied with pure lighting function but to create a lighting atmosphere. Currently, lights are an important method to beautify our houses and adjust atmospheres. The changing of strength, quantity, and colors could bring people various feelings: happiness, restraint, nervousness, and sadness. Lights are playing a more and more important role in decoration projects. The application of LED products, especially the RGB LED strip, apparently has accelerated this trend. After work, people could also DIY lights with LED strips at home, which could remove the life stress, adjust human moods, and strengthen the communication between family members.

The appearance of the RGB LED strip breaks the traditional design philosophy. In 2008, Philips first came up with the concept of “Ambiscene”, which advocates that the design of lights should base on environmental needs. Ambiscene treats the environment as the starting point, aiming to build a beautiful, dazzling lighting environment, strengthen scene effect, and make people feel scene atmosphere. In 2009, the concept of “Mood Lighting” brings the design philosophy of the RGB LED strip to a new level. This concept was first brought out by Cassio. It advocates that the design of lights should base on human needs. Mood lighting treats human emotions as the starting point, and it builds an artistic lighting environment. Mood lighting is different from Ambiscene: mood lighting is dynamic and it could meet the people’s spiritual needs; while Ambiscene is static and it could only emphasize on scene lighting needs and could not express human emotions. In a sense, mood lighting includes Ambiscene, and it contains four parts: 1. environmental protection and energy conservation, 2. health, 3. intellectualization, 4. hommization.

The “mood” here literally means a kind of mental experience upon the great things in the world and the reflected thoughts as well as life taste. When people satisfy with their material life, they will definitely pursue higher spiritual satisfaction. Mood lighting concentrates on people’s emotional experiences and provides a perfect lighting environment with various lighting technologies. The RGB LED strip could unite people’s emotions and environments with lights and colors, which could release and sublimate people’s spirits in a certain artistic conception.

Yulin Wu, the president of Cassio, wrote a book named “Mood Lighting”. This was the first book which led the design trend of LED lights in China, broke the monopolization in design theory by foreign giants, and made LED applications accepted by the market more easily. The newest mood lighting design theory was presented to share with the public, and we hope that there are more professionals and designers take part in the discussion and come up with suggestions.

Mr. Wu told reporters that for now, it has been proved that colors and lights of the RGB LED strip may influence people’s body and emotions. They could not only influence people’s optic nerves but also the heart, exocrine tissue, and central nervous system. Based on the deep knowledge of lighting and colors, the “Mood Lighting” combines successfully the LED application technology, optics theory as well as chromatic theory together.

For example, in our everyday life, appropriate red lights of the RGB LED strip could release your emotions when you feel happy; appropriate green lights could calm you down when you are depressed. Mood Lighting creates a spiritual artistic conception through adjusting lights and colors. Thus it could satisfy people’s psychological needs. The interactive working of the scenery, lights, and moods creates an ideal lighting environment for people.

The design philosophy of the RGB LED strip is based on human moods. It stresses on that people of different ages should adopt different colors. For children, a colorful space is the best for them, which is suitable for the innocent quality of children. At the same time, bright colors like red, green, blue, and yellow could inspire their hope and vitality. For middle-aged people (about 35 years old), they have large working pressure and life stress, so wide visual field and bouncing colors could bring hope and passion for them, such as blue, green, and pink. For old people, yellow and green could bring them security. These colors correspond to their desires for warmth as well as comforts and give them psychological hints of health, fashion, and youth.

In the same way, different places should also adopt different colors, according to professors and studies. If you choose the RGB LED strip of “happy” colors during the family decoration, you may feel relaxed and comfortable after work. For example, the sitting room could choose some lively colors such as blue, warm white, and green, which could make you much happier; the study room could choose warm colors like warm white and yellow, which could provide people with comfortable and considerate feelings. Different colors could create different lighting effects in your house and display different atmospheres.

Insiders say that the RGB LED strip has unmatchable advantages than other traditional light sources in terms of indoor lighting and atmosphere rendering. The development of LED products for “Mood lighting” will fully display their features: energy conservation, health, intelligence, and hommization, which reflects the development trend of LED lighting in the future. With the continuous development of the semiconductor lighting technology, LED industry will face more challenges and opportunities. We believe that the RGB LED strip has large development potentials, and there will be more and more enterprises being involved in the LED lighting field.

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