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The Advantages of the LED Strip for Indoor Lighting

After work, the first thing I do when I got home is to turn on my yellow ribbon and sit in the couch for a while, which could give me a feeling of warmth and relieve my working pressure. That has become a habit of mine. For now, the delisting of incandescent lamps is unavoidable, and LED lighting will surely become the trend of the lighting market. The LED strip has much more outstanding features than other light sources: high efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection, so it has large market potentials. Our strip adopts super bright LEDs as the light source, the lights of which are comfortable, soft, flicker-free, and radiation-free. Meantime, it has small volume and light weight, so its installation is quite easy and the viewing angle could be adjusted arbitrarily. Currently, the LED strip is no only applied for outdoor landscape lighting but also indoor lighting. According to the study, in the next five years, the LED indoor lighting will have an exponential growth. Especially when European Union carried out the prohibition plan of incandescent lamps in 2009, LED indoor lighting undoubtedly has huge market potentials and optimistic prospects.

We already know that the appearance of the LED strip enables it to work as a hidden light source and can flexibly cooperate with other lighting fixtures to create amazing atmospheres. Actually, it also has other unique features, which make it outstanding among various lighting fixtures for indoor lighting.

1. No noise. Unlike traditional light sources, the LED strip is a constant-current driving device and does not contain rectifier. So it will not produce any noises during normal working. Quiet and comfortable, it is especially suitable for places like libraries and offices.

2. Soft lights. Traditional lighting fixtures adopt direct current, so flickers happen 100-200 times per second. However, the LED strip could directly transform alternate current into direct current, so it produces no flickers as well as flares and the visual effect is excellent. Similar to natural lights, the emitted lights are uniform, soft, steady, and continuous. Our strip will not arouse eyesight fatigue after long-term using and is really the ideal light source for you.

3. No ultraviolet rays. The LED strip will not produce any ultraviolet rays during working, so unlike traditional lighting fixtures, it will not attract pests, and your indoor environment will become much neater.

4. High cost performance. The power consumption of the LED strip is about one third that of traditional lights, and the lifespan could achieve about 50,000 hours, which is ten times that of traditional lights. Thus it could be used for a long time without changing and is more suitable for places where the maintenance is difficult. For common families, it is almost once and for all.

5. Reliable and durable. Our LED strip is sealed by epoxy resin but not glasses. Meantime, it is a solid-state light source and does not contain tungsten filaments, so it is more reliable and durable. Even if you hit it on the floor, the strip will also be intact.

6. Environmental protection. Traditional light sources contain large amount of mercury vapor, which may volatilize in the air and cause pollution once broken. However, the LED strip does not contain toxic materials like mercury and lead. At the same time, as a cold light source, our strip produces no ultraviolet or infrared rays, and it could be safely touched during normal working. It is regarded as the typical green light source in 21st century.

7. High efficiency. Traditional lighting fixtures produce large amount of heat during working; while the LED strip could transform electric energy completely into luminous energy and cause no energy waste. The LED light source has low power consumption, high brightness, and high luminous efficiency (more than 100LM/W). It will not cause color fading of your documents and clothes. The brightness of a 4W LED light source is similar to that of a 40W incandescent lamp. All in all, our LED strip could save more than 80% energy.

8. Strong controllability. The intelligent LED control technology enables that the strip could change control modes based on the specific requirements of landscaping. Thus it could provide people with various, changeable, and pleasant feelings.

9. Good color rendition: the color rendition index of our LED strip is high, generally more than 80. Thus it could reflect the original color of objects better and reduce eyesight fatigue.

10. Various colors. The combination of colors is almost infinite. Based on the principle of three primary colors and the digital control technology of gray levels, we could evolve any colors you want. Changeful colors of the LED strip could achieve dynamic effects and pictures. In addition, the range of the color temperature is also adjustable, and we could adopt different light sources to achieve the best visual effects based on different working environments.

Our LED strip is available in various colors, together with its short response time, which makes its control performance better than other light sources. For people who are creative, they could DIY LED lights flexibly for suitable places and situations. For indoor lighting, we could adopt the LED strip to create various atmospheres and adjust human moods. Excellent designed LED lights could achieve your ideal effects. For example, warm white could provide a warm and easy feeling; while cold white is suitable for offices because it creates a neat, highly efficient, and bright atmosphere. With the rapid development of LED technology and the continuous improvement of LED lighting effect, the application of the LED strip will become wider and wider. Especially when the energy shortage becomes more and more serious all over the world, people pay more attention upon the development prospects of LED lights. And we believe that they will become the potential lighting fixtures to replace incandescent lamps, tungsten lamps as well as fluorescent lamps for indoor lighting.

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