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The Price of LED Strip Lights

Recently, the lighting industry develops rapidly, and the competition becomes more and more intense. Developing the green, energy-saving, and environment-friendly lighting fixtures has become the trend of the market. In this situation, the appearance of LED strip lights has attracted the greatest attention, which have become the main force of this trend. Their advantages are obvious: the price is lower and lower, which has dropped to a level that common families could afford; the power consumption is low, which is only about 20% that of common lights; the service life could achieve 50,000 hours, which is dozens of times that of common tubes. At the same time, they have low maintenance cost, short response time, and no pollution upon the environment. LED strip lights are the mainstream undoubtedly and have been accepted by most customers. Thus there are more and more LED manufacturers, which results in various kinds of strips in the market. Different models, structures, and prices make people confused. What makes the LED strip lights different after all? How do costumers select among different products? Is there any standards? In the following passage, we will analyze in detail for you.

1. The color of LED strip lights may influence their prices: if the color blending and color classification are easy, the price is lower (such as red, yellow, and blue lights), and vice versa. Special colors like purple and brown are most expensive because their color blending is very difficult.

The selection of colors should base on the decoration style. Generally we suggest warm white for family decoration, which is between yellow and white and looks comfortable. Moderate brightness will create warm decoration effects. White LEDs are clean and neat, and the consistency is good. Yellow LEDs could provide warm feelings, but they may look a little depressing. Blue LEDs could be installed on the bar and creates fresh effects. The application of red and green LED strip lights should cooperate with the background. Colorful lights need the controller to achieve dynamic effects, which are suitable for audiovisual studios.

2. LED strip lights of different brightness may have different prices. The common unit is mcd, i.e. milli-candela. The higher this value, the larger the luminous intensity, and the brighter this light. Brightness is a very important index to select strips. Super bright LED chips are more expensive, and the number of lamp beads also influences the price of strips.

3. The lifespan of LED strip lights is determined by the lumens depreciation. The smaller the lumens depreciation, the longer the lifespan, and the higher the price. Many informal factories announce that their products have a lifespan of 80,000-100,000 hours. Generally speaking, the theoretical lifespan of LED chips could achieve 100,000 hours, but this number could only be regarded as experimental data, because it is obtained by the best American company—GREE under fairly ideal conditions. The operating principles and working environment of LED chips determine that the actual lifespan of LED products could only be around 30,000- 40,000 hours. At the same time, LED strip lights produced by different manufacturers may have different constant current effects, and the lifespan is also different. Customers should bear this in mind during purchasing. Our company is a professional manufacturer of LED products, and we produce high-quality strips, the lifespan of which could achieve 40,000 hours.

4. The appearance of LED strip lights includes their size and welding effects. Strips of different specifications have different prices. For example, the prices of 0603 LEDs and 1210 LEDs are greatly different; same to 1210 LEDs and 5050 LEDs. Customers should not just pay attention to the price when purchasing LED products. They should consider comprehensively in order to find products of the best cost performance.

The welding effects partly determine the price of LED strip lights. Manual welding adopts soldering iron and the most original welding method. The resulted products look ugly (the sizes of welding points are different) and are not anti-static. Many chips may be broken down, and the LED strip lights look incomplete when illuminating. Machinery welding adopts reflow soldering. The products look beautiful (the size of welding points is the same, the welding points are smooth, and there is no residual scaling powder) and are highly anti-static. At the same time, the location and direction of LEDs are elegant.

5. The materials of LED strip lights determine their prices, including the chip and the FPC board. There are two kinds of FPC boards: rolled copper and copper clad. The later is much cheaper but its pad may drop when curving. Customers should choose FPC based on the working environment. The colors of the FPC board make no difference during working.

There are various kinds of chips in the market, among which the imported chips are most expensive. Different chips have different luminous effects and prices. As domestic chips are cheap, they are widely adopted by some small factories to seize market shares. However, the reliability and actual lifespan of these chips are still open to question, and their repair rate is obviously high. Most questions could not be seen in a short term, and the quality only could be identified with time. Generally, formal LED strip lights factories will do the accelerated test, aging test, and spectrum analyzer test first. They will not put on operation until all parameters are qualified. Of course the price will be higher than other products, but it is the best choice for buyers who actually pursue high quality. The stable quality and reliable after-sale service will provide you a great user experience.

After all, to purchase products of the best cost performance is the aim of all buyers. The one who really need high-quality LED strip lights and after-sale services needs to consider which manufacturer is the most suitable supplier for you. We suggest the factory which has perfect LED testing equipment. Products from this factory have lower price but better service. The most expensive one is not always the best. Customers should find suitable products based on own specific demands. We LED manufacturers will provide the most valuable service and high-quality LED strip lights to win your trust. From design to installation and testing, we will consider every step comprehensively. We aim to solve all of your questions in time and be your considerate supplier.

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