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The Applications of the LED Strip

As an emerging product in the market, the LED strip is not strange for customers. It got its name because it looks like a strip. This special appearance makes it fairly different from other lighting fixtures. Actually, besides the appearance, it also has other similarities with strips: both of them are of small volume and light weight; they could be curved arbitrarily without damaging other components. All of these features enable the LED strip to be applied in various kinds of places and gradually become the mainstream of the lighting industry.

1. The lighting for exclusive shops and large shopping centers

The LED strip has been widely adopted in commercial areas currently, which has already become the preferred light source for businesses to display certain special products. Its full spectrum colors could cooperate with commodities perfectly and are suitable to strengthen the specific atmospheres in exclusive shops and shopping centers. The LED strip has unmatchable advantages in local lighting, accent lighting, and area lighting, which contributes to create a high standard luminous environment that traditional electric light sources could not compare with, so it is very suitable for commercial lighting. In such case, the price is the minor factor to be considered, and the effect is the most important.

2. The lighting for entertainment places like beauty parlors

The LED strip could be easily controlled and create static as well as dynamic luminous effects. From white lights to full spectrum colors, it could greatly strengthen the strong entertainment atmosphere. The appearance of the strip has encouraged a new idea for the decoration design of such kind of spaces.

3. The lighting for recreational areas such as coffee houses and pubs

Recreational areas put a strong emphasis on the personalized atmosphere. The solid-state LED strip has small volume and could be curved arbitrarily, which has provided large wiggle room for lighting fixture manufacturers. They could produce LED lights of different appearances and styles to meet specific demands. The LED strip has full spectrum colors and dynamic luminous effects, which greatly strengthened its performance in decoration and making emotional appeals. The dynamic and intelligent control could present a refreshing image for all customers.

4. The lighting for professional places such as museums and art exhibition halls

The exhibited objects in museums and galleries are fairly special, which should be treated carefully, so the luminous environment should be totally safe. As ultraviolet rays and heat may be harmful, traditional light sources like incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps are not qualified, because they produce large amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays as well as heat during working. As a solid-state cold light source, the lights produced by the LED strip are green and safe, so it could completely satisfy the special requirements of museums. At the same time, as the LED strip is small and light, it could be treated as hidden light sources. The bright point light sources will appropriately reveal the preciousness of exhibited objects.

5. The lighting for commercial theaters, TV studios, and stages

There is no doubt that these places have strict requirements upon lighting fixtures. The lighting needs to have immediate effects and show the most perfect images for the audience. The LED strip for indoor lighting provides a new idea for the luminous environment in theaters and studios. As a first-class British television station, GMTV studio adopts the changing LED strip last year. As a result, the energy utilization for lighting has been saved more than 60%, and the temperature inside the studio also decreases to a much more comfortable level.

6. The lighting for inns, hotels, and restaurants

The lighting for this kind of places needs to reflect the level of customers, especially for the hotel. The utilization of the LED strip could not only save electric charges for the owner but also show the gorgeousness as well as warmth of the hotel. Thus it could provide guests with a different feeling and make customers feel at home, which is precisely the aim of all hotel staff. For owners, the luminous environment created by the LED strip could also demonstrate the strength of their enterprises.

7. The lighting for the meeting room and multi-function hall

The LED strip utilizes the principle of three primary colors (red, green, and blue), give these three colors 256 grayscales, and mix them arbitrarily. In this way, 16777216 (i.e. 256X256X256) kinds of colors could be produced. The combination of these LED light colors is changeful, and dynamic changing effects and pictures can be achieved. Based on different contents of the meeting, the luminous environment and atmosphere in the meeting room and multi-function hall could be adjusted. The intelligent lighting of the LED strip could meet different demands of conferences themes.

8. The lighting for the exhibition and fashion show

Exhibitions and fashion shows are the platform for businesses to display their products and services. The aim is not to display but to sell. In such situations, the cooperation of lights is very essential. Businesses need personalized luminous environment to highlight the features of their commodities, though which they could attract people’s attention, stimulate purchasing desires, and finally reach sales agreements. The LED strip can be very helpful, because it is so small and light-weight that it could flexibly cooperate with other lighting fixtures and skillfully display commodities.

9.The lighting for the sitting room and home theatre.

The LED strip has exceptional advantages in this area. At first, it has various colors, which could meet the demands of different people. The multiple colors could add atmosphere to the warm, harmonious, and romantic feeling and decorate the most comfortable house for costumers. Second, the strip adopts low voltage (12V), which is safe for both old people and children. Finally, the power consumption of the strip is small, which means that it could save large amount of electric charges for families. After all, the LED strip is an amazing, safe, and economic lighting fixture.

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