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The Lighting Effect of the LED Light

To achieve high lighting effect of the LED light, we need three conditions: a light source of high lighting effect, a LED power supply of high efficiency, and a lamp shade with high light-admitting quality.

1. The light source. The lighting effect of the light source should be at least 110LM/W. Please pay attention that the luminous efficiency marked on the package actually refers to the light source but not the LED light.

2. The power supply of the LED light. For now, there are mainly three categories of LED driving power supplies:

RC buck power supplies are of high efficiency, simple structure, and low price, but they could not drive high power products. They may cause flickers and their lifespan is short. What is more, this kind of power supplies is not reliable and safe because the base pin of LEDs is electrified.

Electronic non-isolated constant-current power supplies are better than isolated ones in terms of structure and price. Basically, they have high efficiency and produce no flickers. Meantime, this kind of power supplies has high reliability but low safety. The base pin of LED is electrified, and if the lamp shade of the LED light is broken, customers may get an electric shock.

Electronic isolated constant-current power supplies, the efficiency of which is a little lower than non-isolated ones. They produce no flickers and the isolated circuit is much safer and more reliable.

We suggest customers to choose the isolated constant-current power supply for your LED light, because safety and reliability are most important after all.

3. The lamp shade. If the light-admitting quality of the lamp shade is too high, the LED light may produce flares or bright spots. The best selection is at the critical point, which refers to the highest light-admitting quality when there are no bright spots. For common customers, the selection of the lamp shade depends on themselves. Glass ones are fragile; while PC ones have bright spots and apertures but anti-shock. Now we are working on PC lamp shades for the LED light which have no bright spots and emit uniform lights.

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