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LED Strips: Your Best Choice for Decoration

When night falls, the amazing views of cities are outlined by various colors of lights, among which the LED strips show extraordinary talents. Here, the LED means light emitting diode, and the LED strip refers to a lighting fixture which arranges LEDs on a banded FPC (flexible printed circuit) or hard PCB board. This product gets its name because it looks like a strip. Nowadays, as an emerging product, LED strips have aroused great attention but various questions at the same time.

Question No.1: how much is the LED strip?

Price is always the first factor that customers concern. For now, the price of LED strips is around 30-150 RMB per meter. Some customers may think it is a little too high. However, the price reflects the quality of the product to a certain degree. There is a great difference between the price of common LED strips and that of super bright ones. But the higher price is not always the better. Generally speaking, the products from big brands are very expensive. At the same time, some common brands aim to popularize their products and pay more attention to the quality and word of mouth, so this kind of products is cheap but excellent. Customers should base on their own situation and purchase products of the highest cost performance.

Question No.2: do the LED strips work stably?

Customers may worry that some LEDs on the strip do not light, which makes the strip incomplete. Actually, there is no basis for any such concern. Our LED strips adopt super flexible circuit board as the base, which is of good mechanical properties and could be bended arbitrarily. The reasonable design and excellent welding technology also prevent from the failures as well as other quality problems of the product; then the product stability is guaranteed. Every three LEDs can form a return circuit; you can cut along the “cut” marks without damaging other parts. The length of LED strips can be adjusted based on specific demands. Thus it is convenient for installation.

Question No.3: are the LED strips waterproof?

LED strips are not as fragile as customers think. They would not be damaged by flood water easily. Actually, some outdoor used strips even could reach IP68 protection rank. Our waterproof craft can make the product completely waterproof: waterproof materials like silicon rubber tube could protect the product from water; the full set of encapsulating technology enables LED strips to work normally in damp environments; what is more, water joints also further enhance the waterproof quality of the product. Meantime, the product is still flexible and can be easily curved. The stability, reliability, and safety are completely guaranteed.

Question No.4: are the LED strips bright?

In the night, we could see that LED strips are widely adopted for city skyline lighting as well as outline lighting of many buildings. And they look bright enough. We adopt imported super bright tri-chip LEDs as the luminous body, the beaming angle of which can reach as much as 140°. LED strips can change most of the electric energy into luminous energy, which reduces energy waste and creates the high lighting effect of the product, for example, the brightness of the white LED could even reach 4000~5000mcd.

Question No.5: how long could the LED strips work?

Some customers may worry that the products are not durable. In fact, as the power consumption and heat production of LED products are fairly small, long lifespan is one of the significant characteristics of LED strips, which is about 50000 hours. Take 12 hours a day and that will be about 12 years. Cooperating with suitable voltage and current, the product could be used for a long time and are almost maintenance-free. For common families, LED strips are almost once and for all. We believe that our products will be best choice to meet your lighting and decoration demands.

Question No.6: is the transportation of LED strips safe?

We all know that traditional lighting fixtures are not safe for transportation, because they have glass shells which could be easily broken; while LED products do not have this kind of problem. LED strips do not contain fragile materials like glasses. At the same time, they are solid light sources and do not contain any liquids. We adopts antistatic bag as packaging materials to prevent static electricity from damaging the product. Thus common handling will not cause any damage upon them. In addition, our company will also take certain protective measures to ensure the safety of LED strips during transportation.

Question No.7: are your after-sale services of LED strips considerate?

Our group, Anyang General International Group (AGICO), was founded in 1992 and entered LED lighting industry in 2000. As a professional LED manufacturer in china, our company pursues responsive, standard, and considerate services for customers. For now, our products have been exported to many countries, which are widely used in hotels, shopping centers, and families. And we have earned a great reputation all over the world. AGICO represents our Ambition, Group, Insistence, Care for customers, and Obligation. We provide prolonged support services and maintenance for free. Three-year warranty of LED strips is guaranteed.

Outstanding characteristics, stable working, and considerate services of LED strips enable them to become more and more popular in the market. The product also has other unmatched advantages: the power consumption is fairly low (the working voltage is only 2-3.6V and the working current 0.02-0.03A). The applications of LED strips are flexible, and they could be mounted almost anywhere you want. Meantime, the various and changing colors could provide costumers with refreshing and dynamic effects. All in all, LED strips are your best choices for lighting and decoration, and they will surely surprise you with a pleasant using experience.

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