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The Growing Trend of LED lighting

LED Lighting of Red and Yellow are leading the LED market, meanwhile blue and green light will have great potential in the future.
With the rapid development of GaN blue and green light, it has opened a new time-solid state light source era. This technology is not only a colorful and energy-saving light source, but also guides a great market.

As the huge economic effect and environmental effect, more and more enterprises have taken part in manufacturing this product. Although the technology of red and yellow light is more mature than blue and green light. The economic effect of the blue and green light could not be ignored.

The technology of blue and green light will show the great advantage in the field of general lighting. With the mature technology of LED and lowing of cost, blue and green light will increase in large quantity.

So far the superbright red and yellow light still has potential market. The supply of the superbright red and yellow light still could not meet the demand.

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