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High Quality LED Bulb Lighting

LED lights are being widely used in the world. The most common way is to use LED Bulb Lighting to replace the traditional lamps. LED Bulbs are extensive used for commercial lighting and household lighting.
But many customers do not know how to choose high-quality LED Bulbs of high-quality. So we can recommend you some methods to discriminate the quality of LED Bulbs.

LED Bulbs chip is divided into High power LED and small power SMD LED. The lights made by high power LED chips are of high brightness, and look more beautiful. LED Lighting produced by small power SMD LED lights, because it needs many pieces of pasters, it looks not so beautiful.
LED Bulbs shell materials are usually divided into Burnish aluminum and Die-cast aluminium. Burnish aluminum is made by very sophisticated processing, so the quality is better than Die-cast aluminium.

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