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Six Common Terms of LED Strips

Currently, LED strips of different quality intermingle in the market, and many customers even do not understand some common specifications. This passage mainly explains six terms for you, including the size, number of lamps, color temperature, brightness, viewing angle, and input voltage.

1. Size: 0603, 0805, 1210, and 5050. These terms refer to the size of the lighting component on LED strips, more in details are:

0603: converted into metric measurement is 1005, which means that the length of the LED component is 1.0mm and the width 0.5mm. The same rule could be applied to 0805 and 1210.

5050: this term is measured in metric system, which means that both the length and width of the LED component is 5.0mm.

2. The number of LEDs: usually 15, 30, and 60. These numbers show how many LED components are welded on a strip per meter. Generally speaking, LED strips with different quantities of LEDs have different prices.

3. The color temperature of LED strips. When a black body radiator is heated, its color may change gradually as the temperature rises: dark red- pale red- orange- white- blue. During this process, if a light source has the same color with the black body, we define the absolute temperature of the black body at that time is the color temperature of this light source. There are three categories: warm color temperature, neutral color temperature, and cold color temperature.

4. Brightness (cd): LED strips of different colors may have different luminous intensity, which is an important index to value the brightness of strip lights. Super bright LED chips are more expensive and the encapsulation is more difficult.

5. The viewing angle of the LED components on LED strips. Generally speaking, the viewing angle of SMD LED components is 120°. The larger the viewing angle, the better the diffusion effect, but the lower the brightness. There are some manufacturers currently who reduce the viewing angle of LEDs on purpose to improve the brightness for better profits, so costumers should be more careful.

6. The input voltage of LED strips: generally 12V and sometimes 24V.

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