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Factors That Influence the Price of LED Strip Lights

When purchasing LED strip lights, customers should not just pay attention to the low price but the best cost performance. LED products should be valued from multiple aspects.

1. The chips that LED strip lights adopt: domestic chips, Taiwan chips, and imported chips. Different chips have different prices. Which kind of chips do you want? What kind of luminous effects do you want to achieve? Customers should bear these in mind before purchasing.

2. The encapsulation of LED strip lights: resin encapsulation and silicone encapsulation. The former is much cheaper because the heat dissipation is worse than silicon encapsulation.

3. The uniformity of LED strip lights: there are lots of encapsulation factories in our country currently. Some small factories do not have spectrometers, so the quality could not be guaranteed. Without color classification, the uniformity of LED products is fairly bad, and the luminous effect is not good after installation. Thus the prices are much different.

4. The welding of LED strip lights: manual welding adopts soldering iron and original method. The appearance of products is not good: welding points are not uniform and smooth and there may be much residual scaling powder. At the same time, the anti-static protection is not good, and many LED chips are broken down; machinery welding adopts reflow welding. The products look beautiful and the chips will not break down because of static electricity.

5. The materials of FPC: rolled copper and copper clad. The copper clad plate is much cheaper, because its pad may fall off when bending. Customers should choose FPC based on the working environment of LED strip lights.

6. Certificates of LED strip lights: Green Certification, UL Certification, patents, etc. products with certifications and patents are more expensive.

7. The brightness of LED strip lights: Common brightness and super brightness are fairly different in terms of prices. Thus during purchasing, customers should know clearly what kind of brightness do they need.

8. The colors of LED strip lights: Because the color blending and color classification for white and green is very different, so their prices are higher than other colors. Red, yellow, and blue are just the opposite. Special colors like purple and brown are most expensive because the color blending is very hard.

9. The sizes of LEDs: the LEDs of different specifications have different prices.

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