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Replace your Light Bulbs with LED light bulb

By now you have most likely heard of the benefits of using lower light bulbs to save electricity. There are essentially two types of lights you can now buy that reduce the cost of light: The Compact Fluorescent Light and the Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulb.

CFL bulbs cost considerably more than an incandescent bulb, but over the life of the bulb you will save more than enough electricity to justify the cost. The amount of energy saved month will be hardly noticeable on your electric bill, but a CFL bulb can last for several years and over time you will save lots of money.

One other drawback to CFL bulbs is that they do not work very well in dimmers. Some CFL will not work at all in a dimmer socket, and others will change color noticeably as they are dimmed.

LED bulbs are even more efficient in terms of energy than CFL bulbs, and the light that they provide is more pleasing. However LED bulbs are very expensive and many people will balk at the initial cost of over $10.00 for a single light bulb. However, LED lamps are more flexible than CFL bulbs in the fact that they work well on dimmers and come in many more sizes than CFL bulbs.

A  typical LED light bulb will last up to 35.000, far longer than a regular incandescent bulb, and use only a tiny bit of power. Over time, LED lights bulb will become the standard and prices will drop accordingly. Another benefit to LED bulbs is that they contain no mercury or lead, and therefore better for the environment.

No matter which lighting replacement you choose, it does not make sense to go out and immediately replace all of the bulbs in your house. Instead, replace the lights as they burn out. There is no sense in throwing away a still functioning bulb no matter which type it is.

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