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Japan Implemented Various Systems for Popularizing the LED Bulbs

Recently, Xinhua correspondent He de gong reports from Japan. The statistical survey data of Japanese electronics superstore show that Japan will implement home appliance green credits system from April, LED bulb manufacturers are all eager to introduce new led products in succession, so the price competition is hot. The price of energy-saving LED light bulb is falling down in Japanese mall, so it is good for popularizing the LED bulbs.

The data supplied by GFK , a Japanese research company shows that, the occupation ratio of LED products in Japanese lighting market is already 10% in February 2011 more than 0.01% in 2009. It shows that the Japanese national environmental awareness is rising up quickly.

According to reports, the Japanese government will begin to implement the green products integral system in April, the system says that if you buy led products, could got the government grants for environmental integration. Then, the share of led market will be further expanded. Gradually, there will be more companies will pay their attention to produce LED products.                                

By the impact of environmental measures introduced by the Japan government, Japan's major companies are accelerating the production of energy efficiency LED bulbs to replace the low-efficiency incandescent light bulb. All the major manufacturers are adjusting the price in the competition, and increasing the variety, this approach is supported by the government.

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