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New LED Module PCB Performance Excellent

We have introduced some knowledge of LED Module in previous articles. Today, we will talk about more about the heat dissipation of LED module-LED module PCB.

Thermally-enhanced PCB substrate system specifically designed for heat dissipation in bright and ultra-bright LED module applications. The thermally conductive LED module PCB substrate provides 8-10 times the heat dissipation as compared to conventional FR4-based LED module PCBs; a key ability in keeping components cool. The features of LED module PCB is copper circuit layer and aluminum or copper base plate bonded together with dielectric, which provides electrical isolation, thermal transfer, and adhesion layer for substrate. Standard constructions are made with 1 or 2 oz copper and 0.040 or 0.062 in. thick aluminum.

These new improvements benefit the LED market by providing a higher performing, lower cost thermal interface that extends operational life to the LED light.

The AGICO LED modules are adopting this kind of PCB, our LED modules with a resin, sealed into plastic cases, so they are suitable for outdoor and wet environments. They are IP67 rated and don't get hot, very efficient.

We have various sizes of led modules so they can be used for small letters and large light boxes. Due to the 20 modules in a chain you have no restrictions in placing them anywhere. Contact us or check it on our websit:

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