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Methods of Installing LED Strip Lighting


LED strip lighting has become a important decoration for its some benefits. Such as low energy consumption, long lifespan, environmental-friendly, durable, and only requires a low cost for its maintenance. But a new product, many customers have not used them,Because they haven’t know more knowledge about it ,and do not know how to install. This artilce was for how to install it :
1, indoor installation: when LED strip lighting are used for the interior decoration, because do not need to withstand wind and rain, so the installation is very simple. each Flexible LED strip lights are with 3M double-sided self-adhesive glue, you can torn off the stickers , then fixed the strips on the wall . As some local needs is a long corner or how to do? Very simple, LED strip with 3 LED is a group composed of series and parallel circuit, each 3leds  can be cut separately.
2. Outdoor installation: outdoor installation should withstand the wind and rain, if using 3M adhesive fixed, after a long time , the 3M Adhesive will reduce, which leads to LED strip light off. So outdoor installation often need a waterproof glue to strengthen the connection point of the waterproof effect.
3.Power connection method:The input voltage of LED strips is DC 12V, so it needs to use the switching power supply, the wattage of the power supply is up to power and length of the strips.. If you do not want to have with each LED lamp with a power to control, you can purchase a relatively large power supply to do the main power switch, then all the LED lights all connected in parallel with the input power (wire size not enough for another extension), Unified by the total switching power supply. This has the advantage of centralized control, convenient place is a single LED lamp can not be achieved with the lighting effects and switch control, the specific ways by which to measure by themselves.
4, the controller connections: LED running strip and RGB LED strip lighting need to use controller to achieve the color changes, and each controller has different control distance. General controller can control 10 -15 meters, remote controller can control 15 to 20 meters,the max can reach 30 meters. If you need to connect long distant strips together, you can use the power amplifier.
So ,when you install the led strip lighting, you’d better according to the instruction.avoid affecting the using effets.
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