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LED Lighting Is Good for Your Health

LED Lighting can not only help you to save money,it is also good for your health. It does not have such features that may affect health,like flicker,hum,heat and toxic materials.
Flicker: LED Lighting exhibit very little or even no flickering because they are powered by constant DC voltage(or use an adapter to go from AC to DC power).
Hum:LEDS give offer full-spectrum light silently and safetly.While Fluorescent lights are emitting an annoying and distracting droning sound.
Burnout:Most LED Lighting can work upto 50,000 hours,while most incandescent bulbs burn out in less than a year. LEDs’ slower burnout rate allows for longer color consistency throughout the life of the fixture. Color matching across a group of lighting fixtures reduces eyestrain, and slower burnout rates means fixtures will retain color consistency for a longer period of time.
Heat:LED light fixtures can stay relatively cool (around room temperature) even when turned on for a long time. However fluorescent lamps can reach temperatures of 180F degrees, and halogen and incandescent lights can reach 200F degrees. Which will cause safety potential ,like touching hot bulbs. These temperatures can also create hot spots and unsanitary conditions like delis and grocery stores where raw meat is stored.
Toxic materials:LEDs do not contain mercury, and it can be disposed safely and easily. We all know that Mercury is an extremely dangerous and toxic substance that exists in most kinds of bulbs—incandescent and fluorescent—except for LEDs.
Obviously, LED lighting is the safer and smarter choice now.

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