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Landscape Decorative with Brightest LED Lighting

Landscape decorative lighting industry has begun to take shape. In virtue of enhanced LED brightness, falling prices, long service, low power, simpler driving and controlling procedures than neon lamps, and being capable of flashing and changing colors, brightest LED light is used to make monochromatic, polychromatic, and chromophoric light columns fitted with multi-colored luminescent units to decorate grand buildings, bridges, streets, entertainment places, and plazas. The brightest LED light gradually plays a leading role in the newly-built landscape lighting project in cities. Guardrail lamps, clearance lights, ball lamps, streamer lamps, underwater lights, and light bells are available in every lamp shop. This brightest LED lamp can also be used in household decoration. Beijing Olympic Games successfully demonstrated the powerfulness of LED lights and it is expected that Shanghai Expo 2010 will bring great motivation to the LED industry.

Lamps requiring special lighting include LED lights used either in low illumination lighting such as lawn lamps, courtyard lamps, and underground lamps, or in potable illumination lighting such as LED falshlights, LED headlights, and LED cap lamps.

Recently, the Chinese government has launched a new program, 10 Cities 10,000 Lamps, with the goal of 10,000 lamps in each city for LED demonstration. In its first phase, the government is initiating in first 21 cities to promote various applications in road lighting, subway lighting, parking lot lighting, express train lighting, home lighting, and so on. Many more cities are applying to join this plan, which will help China to move much more aggressively in high power LED applications.

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