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Compare LED House Light to Incandescent Light

In my previous article, I’ve introduce some key points about LED lights for homes. Now in order to share more knowledge with you about our new technology, I will compare the LED light for homes with incandescent lights.

LED lights for homes are much more efficient than incandescent lights. A typical incandescent bulb converts about 1.8-2.5% of the electrical energy that flows through it into light; the rest gets converted into heat, while compact fluorescent bulbs have efficiencies in the 7.0 to 9.8% range. In theory, an LED house light can reach a peak efficiency of 38%, which is 15 times higher than what incandescent bulbs deliver in terms of efficiency, or 4 times what a CFL delivers. It means that an LED light bulb available today might only be twice as efficient as the incandescent bulb it replaces, and in many cases will be less efficient than a CFL it replaces.

In fact, most product packagings for LED house lights only claims longevity in the 20,000 to 40,000 hour range, and even those claims are likely exaggerated for some bulbs.

Through the comparison, it is very clear that LED house lights are much more energy-saving and  it is also the main tendency to replace our incandescent light bulb in recent year.

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