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LigLighting Designer Creates a Wonderful World with LED Lighting Fixtures

Night is not tedious any more. Lighting designer creates a very neutral set with many levels using LED lighting fixtures. Now more and more platforms were created visuals, they were projected on all surfaces requiring fast moving changes like a video game. This impacted the lighting in that it needed to change quickly and drastically with intensity and color. Now the ceiling is low (4m) and the electricity is limited, then the LED lighting fixtures became almost essential to make concept work. Only the LED lighting fixtures work perfectly in fulfilling the lighting designer’s concept.

The LED wash lighting was used as sidelight hanging vertically in full view of the audience. They gave a blast of low sidelight and during certain sequences we did individual control of the 24 LEDs. For instance, as the audience entered the space they walked through a sensor at the door. This triggered the sound and lighting consoles. The sound of a short circuit would go through the theatre and the LED wash lighting would do a pre-programmed chase of the individual LEDs giving a very high-tech feel.

The output, beam shaping and the lack of random spill that usually happens with LED lighting fixtures make people impressed. The individual lens on each LED wash fixture has finally made the LED theatre friendly. In that you can keep the light off the scenery and out of the audience eyes and have only the area where it is focused lit


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