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Checking Four Characteristics to distinguish the Quality of LED Fluorescent Light

Currently, there are many good and bad LED Fluorescent Light congests the lighting market. The following four characteristics will give you some hints to identify the quality of LED light bulb.

1. Checking the packaging and trademark
In general, the trademark of good quality LED fluorescent tube is clear and printing good, not easy to drop. There are the manufacturer's trademark and related authentication marks on the lamp. But the fake and shoddy light doesn't.

2. Checking the appearance of LED tube
The real LED fluorescent lights adopt the three primary colored tubes, the tube is white, if you checking it by hand, it is much whiter. Besides, checking the shape of the tube, compared with other light, the shape and size of the good quality is more standard which produced by mass production. More standard the LED fluorescent light tubes are, the quality is easier to guarantee. It is easy to replacing during repairing.The LED lighting shell must be flame retardant plastic, the surface has sense of glass similar to sand.

3. Checking the working temperature
On the LED fluorescent lamps working time, its temperature should be very low. Otherwise, the service life of LED light is short.

4. Checking the start performance.
There are two features when LED fluorescent starting: First, the higher the temperature is, easier to start; Second, there is no flaring when turn of the light. If it flared, the quality is bad. Moreover, if the light is dark when starting it, the life of the tube will be short.


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