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High-brightness LED Light Bulbs Already Surpass Incandescent

Current trends suggest that ongoing improvements in LED technology can produce devices with greater luminous efficacy than fluorescent lamps and eventually, will match HID lamp outputs. High-brightness LED light bulbs already surpass incandescent and halogen lamps’ and provide longer life, greater reliability, smaller size, and superior low-temperature characteristics. Additionally, LED light bulbs are solid-state devices containing neither toxic gases nor filaments.

Designers are increasingly using high-brightness LED light bulbs in architectural lighting, street lighting, decorative lighting, signage, and backlighting for high-end televisions and monitors. These applications must derive a regulated DC current from the AC line or DC-voltage supply.

Lighting designers are increasingly turning to high-power LED light bulbs for their long life, ruggedness, flexibility, small size, and energy efficiency.
High-brightness LED light bulbs enable architects, designers, specifies, and manufacturers to create never-before-possible lighting effects and design luminaries for theaters, studios, nightclubs, restaurants, and other high-visibility venues.

LED light sources also naturally lend themselves to landscape and outdoor lighting, offering longer life correspondingly lower maintenance costs than incandescent and fluorescent lamps. LED light bulbs are also less vulnerable to moisture ingression. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED light bulbs have no fragile components to break, even when roughly handled. Flexible digital-control systems can produce dramatic lighting effects as they do in interior applications Lighting schemes can change without rewriting or installing new systems.


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