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U Shape series
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They are available in 3w~200w, 220V~240V. Meantime, We AGICO supply several modules u shape, 2U, 3U, 4U, 6U, 8U. U shape energy saving lights is soft light and electric preheat starting.

If you compare the amount of light coming from an 11W U shape energy saving lamps to a standard 60W bulb, you will notice a significant difference. With the really expensive 11W ones you might get the same amount of light as from a 60W bulb, but there is not much point in paying so much extra for a bulb that might or might not give more light. Instead you can simply get a cheap one that is a bit more powerful. Whether you use an 11W or a 15W compact fluorescent doesn't really make much of a difference anyway as far as energy consumption is concerned. The difference is only 4 watts, but it will definitely give you more illumination.This eliminates the emission of 1300 pounds of carbon dioxide and 26 pounds of sulfur dioxide from a coal fired plant-producing electricity. Make a change that will help the environment, and your energy bills.

These U shape energy saving lamps have more tubing in a smaller area, which generates even more light in a shorter bulb. They pack high light output into a very small space and can be used in fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs, such as table lamps, reading lamps, open hanging lamps, and bare bulb applications. The light can be used as the foils of the desk lamps wall lamps, pendant lamps and courtyard lamps. And they can be used as directional illumination, teaching illumination and courtyard illumination.

SPEC U Shape Series
Module 2U 3U 4U PL2 6U 8U
Power 3~18W 9~32W 9~36W 9~26W 165~200W 150~180
Luminous Flux(Lm) 130~825 450~1224 450~4200 450~1300 7000~10500 7000~10500
Color Temp(K) 2700~6500 2700~6700 2700~6700 2700~6500 2700~6500 2700~6500
Rendering Index 80~84 55~84 80~84 80~84 80~84 80~84
Base E14, E27, B22 E14, E27, B22 E14, E27, B22 G24D E40 E40
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