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Indoor LED Curtain Lights

  • Name: LED Curtain Lights
  • Voltage: 85-265V
  • Power: 35W
  • Color: R/Y/G/B/W/M
  • Size: 2M*1.5M
  • Lifespan: 50000H
  • Waterproof Grade: IP56
  • Price:

 We provide a great selection of Christmas decorations with many colors and configurations to choose from. LED Curtain Lights use the best quality rubber cable confirming the latest CE standards, which is shock-proof, totally waterproof, and extremely safe for various outdoor lighting applications. With its high advantages of low power consumption, flexibility and durability, it is pretty suitable for festival embellishment and house decoration used indoor and outdoor. The Christmas window lights decorations could be with a special mould shaped plastic shell in shapes of heart, diamond, star, cherry etc., which will make the light string look more vivid, indoor Christmas Lights are designed for large area lighting decorations for wall, windows, ceiling and across the street, with user friendly end connectors for inter-connection between different sets to create a fantastic combined lighting display. 

The other hand, LED curtain lights’ shape like a curtain, which is formed by the width and height, wide and generally we call the main line, Strings sagging length is the height, 5MM diameter LED, color includes red, yellow, blue, green and white color or red + yellow, blue + white, red, green and blue, the color combinations can be customized, the characteristics of LED curtain lights are low consumption, low heat, long life, colorful and soft, waterproof, safe, can be extended, availability re-use and easy to install, they are widely used in stage decoration, home windows, walls, shop window displays, restaurants, architectural decoration or holiday decorating, we are sure that you use it to your life more fun, happiness.
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