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Why Choosing Flexible LED Strip


Flexible LED strip is widely used in Advertising,Decoration,Sign,Path Lighting, etc.Flexible LED strip is also called  Flexible LED  Light. Because of the following advantages, more and more people decide to use this LED Strip.
1.Flexibility: We use flexible FPC as the board of Flexible LED  strip which can be twisted without break. It is easily to be shaped and can meet the needs for vavious advertisement shape.
2. Color purity :We apply high bright SMD LEDs as light source of Flexible LED  strip which has many advantages, such as pure color, soft, no glare. Our Flexible LED  strip can be used for both decoration and lighting.
3.Low heat: The light source of flexible LED strips is LED. Because the power consumption of single LED is very low, generally 0.04~0.08W, the LED strips can be used as decorative lighting in many occasions,like the fish bowl.
4.Energy-saving: The power consumption per meter is only 4.8W for 3528 and 7.2W for 5050. Compared to traditional lighting, its power is much lower, but still has very good effect.
5.Environmental protection: The materials are LED and FPC which are made of pollution-free materials. So you can use in large scale and it will not result in pollution.
6. Wide applications: Because of the advantages of Soft, Thin, Color Purity and so on, flexible LED strips are widely used as decorative lighting for building, hotel, KTV and advertising signs, advertising design and so on.
Now, you may get a comprehensive understanding in Flexible LED Strip. If you have any requirments,please contact us freely.
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