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The "break point" of LED Lighting is Apparent by the Supporting of National Policy

Incandescent lamp was gradually prohibited; energy saving lamps and LED lights will compete for the lighting products market. With the rapid development of LED industry, the production and chip luminous efficiency increased dramatically, the prices LED lighting product will drop quickly. The produce cost is reducing more in the future; LED lighting products will be the main lighting products in China mainland.

•LED Lighting will Be Mainstream Lighting Products
According to the worldwide governments planning, high-energy incandescent will be replaced in the coming decade, governments around the world are actively promoting energy efficient lighting products. All the countries make their schedule to replace the incandescent light, as the schedule, all the incandescent light will be prohibited during 2013.

•The Domestic LED Industry will Develope rapidly with National Policy Support
In order to support the development of LED industry, China has planned three stages for the development of LED industry.

Stage 1: By 2009, more than 20 pilot cities, will use 1 million LED lighting for government. The municipal LED lighting includes not only LED street lights, but the LED lighting for tunnel lighting, subway cars site lighting, underground parking, gas stations and other public places. The proportion of domestic LED devices production rate is 60%. We expect saving 220 million degrees electric for one year, this stage has been basically to complete the implementation;

Stage 2: By 2012, there will be 50 semiconductor lighting model cities in the country and the two million municipal LED lighting will be used. The proportion of domestic LED devices production rate will be 70%. We expect saving 1 billion degrees electric for one year.

Stage 3: By 2015, the proportion of domestic LED devices production rate will above 70%. LED lighting will replace the traditional lighting.

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