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The LED Strip Lighting

On June 9th, 2012, the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was opened. There are about 2600 enterprises attending this largest lighting exhibition all over the world. Displayed items include professional lighting, commercial lighting, and LED raw materials. As a highly efficient, energy-saving, and environmental light source, the LED strip lighting has unmatchable advantages than other traditional light sources. With the same lighting effect, LEDs could save at least 50% energy. The popularization of LED products has great influences in advocating energy conservation as well as emission reduction. As an outstanding product among LED products, the LED strip lighting could decorate a much more wonderful world and have earned a great reputation among customers.

Recently, there are many beneficial policies for LED enterprises. Last year, China had published the IL phase-out roadmap. From October 1st this year, the selling and importing of common 100W (or more) incandescent lamps are prohibited; from October 1st, 2016, the selling and importing of common 15W (or more) incandescent lamps are prohibited. This policy means that the incandescent lamps will step down from the stage of history gradually from this year. At the same time, we could also see the determination of China to popularize semiconductor lighting industry from the five-year plan. In this plan, it predicts that the industrial scale of national LED lighting will achieve 500 billion RMB in 2015. In addition, China will pay 2.2 billion RMB as financial subsidies to support the popularization of energy-saving lamps and LED lights. As the emerging industry with huge market potentials, LED industry has become the new focus of economic competition. Our company, as a professional manufacturer of LED strip lighting, will acquire this opportunity to achieve an enormous leap. According to the analysis, 2012-2016 will become the golden period of LED industry.

The support of national policies has quickened the reintegration of the whole LED industry. According to the public document, there are about 8000 LED enterprises in our country, among which there are about 5000 small ones. These medium and small-sized enterprises may bankrupt or be integrated by large international companies or domestic listed companies. This year, the amount of enterprises that attend the international lighting exhibition is less than before, which also shows the improvement of industrial integration. With the influences of the financial crisis in Europe and the economic downturn in America, the exporting of the LED strip lighting greatly reduced since last year. However, on the other side, large enterprises which own technological advantages will develop further. Insiders think enterprises should try to grasp the hidden opportunities in the developing market.

Recently, a series of supportive policies are published, and local governments vigorously promote the development of LED enterprises. However, these actions attract many enterprises which have not been involved in LED industry before start to manufacture LED products such as the LED strip lighting. These enterprises pursue national subsidies but not the technological content as well as the quality of the LED strip lighting, which cause the disorder of the whole LED industry. This kind of enterprises will cause unthinkable negative influences upon the LED industry. The quality problem of one enterprise will cause damage to the whole industry. The emerging LED industry should take this warning. Governments and large manufacturers should slow down the rapid development and take more actions to guarantee the harmony of the LED lighting market.

The quality problems have been revealed gradually. In the market, there are many manufacturers adulterate the quality. In terms of customer experience, people pay more money for the LED strip lighting than other traditional lighting fixtures but the lifespan is not long. The predicted lighting effect could not be achieved. The light becomes broken or dark quickly. For most customers, the LED strip lighting is a new product. Once quality problems happen during popularizing, people’s purchasing desires will be greatly reduced. This situation will become the hidden block for the development of LED industry and will influence the future development. We suggest all insiders: do not make the quality as the Achilles heel of the LED products.

From the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, we could see that many LED manufacturers have great hope and expectations for the LED lighting market. Generally speaking, most enterprises pay more attention on commercial lighting and street lighting, and civil lighting market is relatively depressed. However, insiders predict that in one or two years, the LED lighting will enter civic market in a large scale, and at that time, the price of the LED strip lighting will decrease greatly. Meantime, with the delisting of incandescent lamps, the civic lighting market is blank. Thus LED lighting entering civic market is unavoidable.

According to the roadmap of China, we could find the great development prospect of the LED strip lighting industry. However, the LED lights can hardly replace incandescent lamps in recent years, because the price of LED lights is too high to be accepted. Key technologies are still monopolized by foreign countries, so the cost of LED lights can hardly decrease. Domestic enterprises do not have pricing power, so they could not decide the price trend. So the main task for us now is to own our independent technology and get rid of imported materials. Our company will rely on high-tech talents and the continuous efforts of the whole company staff and contribute to the development of the whole LED strip lighting industry.

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