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Teach You How to Decorate LED Christmas Light

People use some small and exquisite to decorate modern LED Christmas light beautiful and brightly. Now, in order to let more people  know the the benefits of  the LED lights I will teach
you how to install LED Christmas light.
Step one: Take the support out and fix leaves on it. Extend each leave on storey lightly.
Step two: Install the branches on the LED Christmas tree.
Step three: Fix  the LED Christmas lights. The important thing is to decorate them equally; it could be layered around the Christmas tree or with the way up and down the winding.
last but not least, you can put the ornaments up the Christmas tree.
By the way, before you fix  the LED Christmas lights in the tree, don’t plug to much strings and test whether it is normal working or not.
Diamond LED Christmas light is easy to fall off from the light bulb and result in doesn’t work, so you have to pay much attention too that.

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