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Suggestions on Choosing LED Strip

You'd better get a comprehensive examination from the following aspects instead of just focusing on price when you buy LED strip.

1, The chip: The chip can be domestic chips, Taiwan chips, as well as imported chips. Price changes with different chips. Imported chips are more expensive, they are mainly for high-end customers.The current customers is generally using Taiwan chips whici is high cost-effective.

2, Color consistency: There are many small packaging plant without color separation machine, then the quality of LED strip can not be assured.

3, Welding effect: Choosing machine welding rather than manual welding. First, LED strip by manual welding looks not good, and the static protection is not good, so a lot of LED chip is easy to breakdown. This can be seen directly from the appearance also.

4.Brightness: LED strip of different prices have different brightnesses.Therefore, before choosing the prices, you need to know what kind of brightness you need.

In conclusion, if you consider the above things carefully , you can get a better understanding of price .And hoping you can buy the right LED strip you want.

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