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New Trend of Green Lighting: LED Lighting and Energy-saving Lamp

As two leading energy-saving products in Chinese green lighting market, LED lighting and energy-saving lamp which will win in the competition in the future?  All the insiders have been debating this for a long time.

From the price side, the prices of LED lamp and energy-saving lamp are too high compared with the traditional lights. Almost all the LED chips adopt the foreign technology, so the price is high. But the price of energy-saving lamp is only a little bit higher than the traditional lights, what's more, we have state subsidy to support us, so it is more popular than LED lighting. 

On the part of technology, energy-saving lamp and LED lighting adopt different technology. But the product life and energy saving effect are almost the same. On the part of application, LED lighting and energy-saving lamps are used for different field. LED lighting are commonly low power light, so in the big construction project, the energy-saving lamps are used widely, because they are high-power light. However, LED lighting is widely used in landscape lighting, signal lighting, display screen lighting.  

From the maturity of technology side to see, LED product is more mature than energy-saving lamp, and LED lighting is more efficient than energy-saving lamp. The service life of LED lighting is much longer than energy-saving lamp.


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