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New Generation LED Module

A new generation of LED module lights was introduced by Cast Lighting. These were recognized by the Illumination Engineering Society (IES) as the first LED modules designed for enclosed fixtures.

The professional expert estimate that years 2017 and beyond-Start replacing 10% per year, estimated to be about 95 and ramp up to 200 by year 2026 when all signal heads will use LED modules.

The module is the first LED module to be suitable for enclosed luminaries. This LED module's unique features -high/low brightness switch, high energy efficiency, dimmability, and long life (60,000 hrs.). Other features not mentioned include changeable optics, LED Sense circuitry to control heat, automatic transformer recognition, and filtering to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI).

LED module allows lighting environments to be easily changed or adapted by switching beam angles, color temperatures or light output at the LED module level, without any change to the luminaries. It therefore enables manufacturers to deliver a variety of lighting effects from a single luminaries design and to take advantage of future technology improvements, pre-or post-installation.

The AGICO LED modules are adopting this kind of PCB, our LED modules with a resin, sealed into plastic cases, so they are suitable for outdoor and wet environments. They are IP67 rated and don't get hot, very efficient.

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