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Mini Blitz LED Light Bar-Colors of Significance

When we talk about mini blitz LED light bar, most of us think of flashing red lights like the fire trucks and ambulances. Actually, there are various types of LED lights, and the color of them are diverse. They paly an important role in our daily life..
Mini blitz LED light bar comes with red, blue, green, yellow, RGB, purple, etc and decorate them in different places. In most cases we use red LED light for fire trucks and ambulances, and red and blue alternating lights for police cars. Maybe the lights for police cars are different in different country; there is no doubt about the fire trucks and ambulances. Amber lights are always used for construction and road vehicles, so if you plan to install any kind of LED lights on your personal vehicle you have to make sure it doesn't infringe on any colors already being used.
And the application of Mini blitz LED light bar is also various. In fact you can even find them underneath cabinets and other surfaces in peoples' homes, offices or workshops. They are ideal for providing light to dark areas and are easy to install such as the places under cabinets in your kitchen and other areas in your home where you need some additional light. Some people use Mini blitz LED light bar in the grilles of their vehicles to provide additional lighting which is essential for those who travel on dark roads in dark.

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