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Manufacturer LED Tube Light in China

According to industry forecast, the semi-conductor light source in 2014 will account for 50% of global market share and in 2016 semiconductor lighting will occupy 50% market share. Most industry professionals believe that LED interior lighting products in 2020 may reach 50% share. LED tube light uses light-emitting diodes as light source. It is more energy efficient, long lifespan, and more environmentally friendly. So it becomes the best and idealist products to replace the incandescent light. The size of LED tube lighting is same with the traditional tube light, we have three type LED tube light, they are T5, T8, T10 series.

T5 series LED light bulb. The luminous efficiency of a traditional tube light is about 55-80lm/W, while the LED luminous efficiency is over the 100lm/W. Its viewing angle is 180 degrees. The Color rendering index is above 70. Traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor, but there is no mercury or lead in the T5-S LED tubes. The LED T8 series tube light's beam angle are 220° which is much bigger than the LED T5 series. This ensures a larger illuminating scope. The luminous flux of LED T10 series is above 85Lm/W, which can give you a comfortable visual feeling when they are used at home. The working voltage of our SMD LED tube is AC 85-265V. Their color temperature can be adjusted from 5000K to 6500K.

For all these types LED tube light, we are offering you two choices for the cover: standard clear cover, frosted or milky white cover. The light body and covers are made of aluminum alloy, Bayer flame retardant materials and the PCB board.

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