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LED Spots for Sale

LED spots are more than twice as efficient as energy saving lights, currently the standard for greener lighting. Unlike conventional lights, dimmable LED spotlights turn on quickly and are compatible with dimmer switches. And while fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which requires special disposal, LED spots contain no toxic elements, and last so long that disposal is not much of an issue.

LED spot products can last up to 50 times longer than traditional lights. LED spots have a general life expectancy of 50 000 hrs. If you use your lights for 10 hours a day, this should be 13.7 years. Therefore, the future of household lighting will soon be the wide spread adoption and use of white energy efficient LED spots.

There have been steady breakthroughs in thermal management, secondary optics and phosphor technology. The advanced technology has allowed lighting manufacturers to replace traditional lighting products with energy efficient, maintenance-free LED spots. You can now see LED products in office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, museums, schools and homes, etc.

At AGICO, we begin enormous investment competition in front and back-end industries, which include LED devices like chip and package to LED application devices through vertical integration of LED spotlight bulb industry. Related equipment and semiconductor makers also accelerate equipment and semiconductor development along with productions as they expect the market expansion.

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