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LED Lighting Expected to Take Off Rapidly in Commercial Area

Based on our observation of the market, demand for LED lighting will continue to grow, especially after a wide variety of product technologies have been developed, and at the same time the overall product cost has been lowered and the luminous efficacy enhanced, which gradually empowers LED lighting to step onto the general lighting stage. LEDs are becoming more widely used as the main light source.
In 2010, a obvious growth will be seen in the high lumen LED lighting system for commercial-use, and this is because the LED lighting for household-use is still too expensive for most consumers. Backed by its long-term benefits, energy-saving and environment-friendly attributes, and its relevant tax reductions, there will be a substantial increase in the use of LED lighting in commercial spaces such as the parking lot, office space, factory facility, and warehouse. LED lights can replace not only high pressure sodium lamps, halogen lights, incandescent bulbs but also CFL and fluorescent lights in some areas.
LED professionals estimate that rapid growth and widespread adoption of LED lighting will take off in 2010 and 2011. In addition to factors such as savings in electricity costs which effectively facilitate the adoption of LED lighting in commercial space, various rational energy conservation policies will also affect the development of LED lighting in different regions.

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