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LED Lighting Bulb versus Conventional Lights

There are two styles of trailer lights: conventional incandescent bulbs and newer light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Replacement bulbs for conventional lights are inexpensive and readily available. On the other hand, LED lighting bulbs have a longer bulb lifespan, look great, and react to brake light input a few milliseconds faster. But because most LED lighting bulbs are sealed units, the entire unit, not just the bulb, has to be replaced when a light goes out.

Over time, LED lighting bulb systems will most likely replace conventional incandescent lamps. LED lights will last longer, burn brighter, use less power, and fail less often than your normal incandescent trailer lights. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, LED lamps last 100 times longer, generate less heat, are more resistant to shock damage, are brighter, and have faster lighting response. The sealed acrylic lens and housing ensure maximum life expectancy for LED lamps. LED lights are great for all utility trailers, snowmobile trailers, horse trailers, car haulers, and trucks.

An LED is a solid-state device, meaning there are no fragile filaments, as in a traditional bulb. The LED lighting lasts longer because there are no parts to weaken and eventually break. The center of an LED light is a diode mounted and held in place by a steel-lead frame, which is then encapsulated with epoxy.

A regular incandescent bulb will last around 1000 hours, a fluorescent around 10000 hours, and an LED around 35000 hours. That's an incredible difference in longevity. In fact,
an LED light may outlast your trailer.


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