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LED Light Balls-Twinkle the Right Way

Add twinkling lights to your holiday table: simply roll strands of LED Christmas tree lights into tightly wrapped balls (similar to a rubber band ball) and place them in glass jars or bowls. (Just be sure the display is near an electrical outlet.) For extra drama, place the light balls in a clear glass vase or under a bell jar. To hide the cord, cut a small hole in the tablecloth and run the cord under the table-cloth to the outlet.
Switch out those holiday lights: LED lights use 90 percent less energy than traditional holiday lights. Available in many colors and sizes, they also emit less contain mercury or other toxic chemicals. Another plus: when one light on a strand goes out, the others stay lit. (Solar-powered LEDs are also available in some areas.)
LED lights do cost a bit more than standard lights but will pay for themselves in one to two seasons. In fact, if half of all traditional Christmas bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs, it could yield a savings of seventeen billion dollars a year in energy bills. If you want something more than just strings of lights, look for decorative reindeer made with LED lights.
And be sure to set your lights on a timer, or turn them off when you go to sleep; the tree doesn’t need to stay lit all night long.

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