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Knowledge about LED light Base

For the friends who are not familiar with LED light bulbs, may also strange to the LED light base. Here I collecte some most common used LED light base. I hope to be helpful to you.
Light base is the indispensable component of LED light bulb. The common LED light base are MR16、GU10、E14、B22、and E27, according to the international standard. I will introduce them in the following parts.
MR16: MR is short for Multifaceted (Mirror)Reflector. That is to say that it is a reflector composed by many reflecting surface. The number means the maximum external diameter which is always the multiple of 1/8 inch, so 16 means that the maximum external diameter of LED light base is 2 inch. Generally, we adopt this kind of light base in LED spot light in our daily life and they are available in low voltage 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, etc.
GU10: GU10 is most common light base. G means it is a kind of plug-in light base, U means light base looks like U. The number means the distance between two light feet holes is 10mm.
E14: E represents screw base, and 14 means that diameter of the base is 14mm. It widely used in decorate light, such as droplight, chandelier. E27 means the diameter is 27mm screw base, which is widely used in our common life.
B22: B is socket, and 22 means light base diameter is 22mm which is a common used LED light base.

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