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How to String Christmas Tree Light

Maybe you will have trouble in stalling Christmas tree light. I hope the following instructions may help you.

1.Ensure that all of your lights have compatible plugs which makes it easier to add additional lights. Lights are manufactured in two ways: stacked, which allows you to connect additional strings on both ends of the plug, or end-to-end, which only enables you to add one string at one end of the plug.

2. Find your extension cords. In order to avoid a fire hazard by plugging more than two cords together when decorate the Christmas tree light. Make sure that your cords don't have frayed ends.

3. Lay out the Christmas tree lights in a straight pattern on the floor and then plug them in. Check for the bulbs that out of order and replace them if necessary.

4. During the installation make sure that the ends without a plug around the top of the tree trunk. Hold the light strand in your hands and  laying it around the trunk like a whilpool from top to the end and the  plug end should finish at the bottom of the trunk.

5. Add another Christmas tree light strand to the tree to light the branches. First place the non-plug end in the trunk and wind the branches with it. Second, make sure  there is room betweent the strand and branch.

6. Install the rest light strand as the mentioned way above.

7. Approach the root of the tree by taking the plug end of the last strand and hiding it in the back of the tree.

8. Plug your Christmas tree light strands into an extension cord, if necessary. And, plug the strand into a lighting timer which could be hang on the wall. Set the timer to control lights which is convenient for the users.

9. Walk a few feet away from the tree to look at the whole circumstance and make sure there is no dark corner around the tree.

10. Last but not lesat in installing the lights, you could also add some ornaments and decoration in the trees which could make your tree more attractive. 

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