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Holiday Lights-LED Christmas Lights

The Good

Available in almost every color, shape, and size- and at practically every retailer- LED Christmas lights last for thousands of hours, according to Energy Star. The upfront cost is higher but will save you a bundle of green in utility costs.

The Green

LED (light-emitting diode), the same technology that lights display on your watch or calculator, converts energy into light rather than heat. They are 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. By converting 90% of their energy is utilized as heat versus incandescent bulbs, which do the opposite; they convert only 10% of energy into light while the remaining 90% is wasted as heat. In fact, LED Christmas bulbs last up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescents bulbs.

The Convenient Truth

Got a burnt out light bulb? No worries if you are using LED Christmas string lights. When one LED bulb burns out, it doesn’t affect the rest of the string of lights. For parties and other social gatherings, LED Christmas Lights are the best choice for decorations. LED lights only use 10% energy of the traditional lights but provide the same illumination as conventional electrical light, so you will save lot on your electricity bill.

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