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Going Green in Interior Design

This is a good place to mention that you, as an interior designer, should be ready and eager to implement environmentally “green” decorating. No matter what the design style preference, there is something that you can do to promote green design-reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover. Be sure to read articles, search the Internet, and shop your local bookstore to add to your library of information.

There are many ways to green your home or your client’s home. Here are a few suggestions.

Eco-friendly insulation: There are some exciting new products on the market. Recycled cotton denim (your old jeans!), sheep-wool insulation (not easily available in the U.S.), Icynene spray-in foam, Aerogel (a special super porous silicon foam that is 99 percent air), Air Krete (a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, fireproof, and sound absorbing material that is also low in volatile compounds), cellulose, spray polyurethane foam, and eco-friendly fiberglass.

Lighting: LED Lighting is the new trend of 21 century. And it is the new eco-friendly, green lighting. Replace regular light bulbs with LED lighting bulbs, and change outdoor security lighting to high-efficiency bulbs. Use sensors for outdoor lighting, install dimmer switches when needed, and use cordless are lights. Check on LED lighting with your lighting supply store for placement in the home. One great area to use LED lights is for your holiday lighting. And it will save you a ton of money.

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