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Fashionable Usage of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are flexible PCB imbedded LED tape. When lighting looks like a piece of beautiful and colorful ribbon, so we call it LED strip lights. This LED Light strip is 3 LEDs a loop and comes with a 3M adhesive backing that ensures easy mounting virtually anywhere. Just stick to virtually any smooth non-conductive surface. Make sure the area in question is clean and dry, then simply peel away the backing adhesive and mount in place. Moreover, this flat LED strip emits light in a wide cast with a 140° light beam angle which make the lighting scope bigger than the traditional lights.
Now, LED strip was widely used in many places. They are optimal for these indoor home and commercial lighting situations: kitchen cabinet, under cabinet, shelf, and case lighting; exhibit, presentation, and project lighting; close application task lighting; cove and interior accent lighting; shop windows, window displays, and display case lights; light boxes, interior sign and signage light.
The widely application as a result of the following features: On the one hand, the conventional light may bump up your monthly expenditure on electricity provide the same illumination as traditional electrical lights but at a much lower cost saving a lot on your electrical lights but at a much lower cost saving a lot on your electricity bills. On the other hand, the ill effects of the environment issue make us suffer a lot. As we all know the global warming problem, shortage of resource, all these warned us to pay more attention on the environment, and it is imminent to introduce eco-friendly products. Definitely, LED strip lights are eco-products. LED strip lights do not contain lead or mercury and most of the components of LED strip lights are also recyclable-making them a truly green products. Despite these two features, the ultra brightness and flexible make them the preferred choice to the customers.

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